“Mr. Popper’s Penguins” and the “Green Lantern” Los Angeles Premieres

Greetings everyone and welcome back to “The Outsiders Guide to the Inside of Hollywood”, June edition. June 12th, saw my return to the Red Carpet  (in this case white carpet), for Jim Carrey’s, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, at the historic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. My LA trip also included a candid shoot, from the fan area at Warner Brother’s Green Lantern premiere.

Mr. Poppers Penguins Premiere – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – White Carpet

After unsuccessfully trying to get credentialed for a few other films, I finally booked my first premiere with 20th Century Fox Films. I was eager to get to the theatre and make sure the spots weren’t first come first serve. Luckily the studio seemed to have everything really organized. We checked in late but very quickly. I was relived to find out there would only be two rows of photographers. I set up my stepping stool and started to get ready. The studio had turned Hollywood Boulevard into a Winter Wonderland covering the White Carpet with fake snow piles. Just as I was getting ready to do a test shoot an older photographer approached me. He kindly asked me who I was shooting for. I told him I was independent and booked the job myself. I did tell him that some of my pictures would be on the PR Photos site. All of the sudden a woman with long black hair and thick glasses got in my face. She looked like a troll so we will just call her “ Angry Troll Woman”. She told me that someone else (wasn’t her) was shooting for PR Photos. Not wanting to get into a fight on the carpet, I just smiled and turned away.

As I start to take my test shots, I notice a white substance starting to fall from the sky. I look up and see snow blowing machines over the Chinese Theatre’s marque. This may have looked beautiful from a distance,  but to the photographers and videographers it caused a semi panic. The first stars set to arrive were kids from various shows and films. The talent could barley see. Luckily after a few minutes and guests the machine stopped All of the stars from the film were in attendance including: Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, and Madeline Carroll. Also at the film and the co stars of this carpet were Anne Heche and Dirty Dancing and Dancing With The Stars Champion, Jennifer Grey. After the last guest arrived and all the other photographers left, I stuck around to take some candids, while the videographers interviewed the stars from the film. As I started to leave, my exit was blocked by Jennifer Grey in a heated discussion with Judd Apatow. Finally I made it back to my car and joined a friend to see the film. I was really surprised how much I liked it. I thought it seemed like a kids movie from the previews, but I must say I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

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Green Lantern Premiere – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – Fan Area – 6/15-2011

Being my second premiere of the week, I knew it was going to be a “Johnny Paparazzi” shoot. Warner Brothers is one of the studios that hasn’t granted me any of my photo requests. On a number of these credentialed premiere’s that I didn’t get, I end up by getting into the movie. After the film is done, I’d try and get some pictures in the lobby. I’ve used this method and it was successful a number of times. But this premiere was too big and I knew my only hope would be in the fan area across the street. As I got close  to Hollywood Boulevard I could see that it was shutdown by the premiere in both directions. I quickly found a spot on a residential street knowing that with my handicap pass (only perk to having mobility problems) I could park there. An officer on a horse approached me and said I couldn’t park there. Knowing I was right and he was wrong, I politely explained the rule to him. He responded by starting to write me a ticket. I told him I could produce a document stating this. He was starting to loose his patience but I was insisting. Finally, he read it and told me that the parking people told him handicapped parking wasn’t allowed on the street. He did apologize and all was forgiven. I was worried that this delay would cost me a good spot across from the drop off area.

I finally got to premiere area and got a spot to the left of the drop off area in front. Knowing I would have to deal with autograph seekers, collectors, and other photographers I wisely picked my spot. Now I had 2 hours to wait in the hot sun not even knowing if I’d get one clean picture of someone. The premiere started and the first person to arrive was Ryan Reynolds. Normally you’d never see a star this early but Ryan not only walked across the street, he walked the entire Boulevard signing autographs for fans. I got a few way too close shots when he was nearly on top of me. As he got to me he looked for me to hand him something to sign. I told him I just wanted one good picture. I wished him good luck on the film as he made it down the line. Angela Bassett was the next to hit the fan area. she looked absolutely gorgeous. Hard to believe that “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, was in 1993.  As car after car came I still was waiting for the female lead in the film “Gossip Girl” and now movie star Blake Lively to arrive. The carpet was getting empty but still no Blake. Instead I ended up getting one of my favorite actors, Tim Robbins. Finally Blake arrives and heads the opposite direction of me. I only got a few faraway shots. But in the end, I ended up with a few cool shots from a major movie premiere. I have to admit, sometimes the fan area shoots are more fun then the Red Carpet ones I always end up with some interesting candids instead of just having the same mundane poses as a number of other photographers.


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