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Greetings and Happy Holiday’s everyone. Welcome to another step inside some of entertainments coolest events. I’d like to extend a special welcome to readers, who are new to my blog. This is not your typical blog. It doesn’t focus on who wore what, or give you a detailed account of every scene in a film review. I write my blog, as lifelong fan of the entertainment industry and mass media. I also was a child actor, an assistant in the Entertainment Industry and even was a music manager, and continue to be an aspiring writer and producer. I currently work as a celebrity  photographer and journalist. My blog is about not only covering red carpet events, it’s about experiencing them and the impact the artist and their work has had in my life professionally and privately.

Meet Jessica Cameron 

This blog is dedicated to the true spirt of the Independent filmmaker. When I say Independent, I’m not talking about millionaires opening up a so called indie film company after the breakaway from the big studios. Or, an A list star, opening up a new production company. I’m talking about the ones who invest everything they own financially, personally, and spiritually, ones who have to fight for every dollar they can get to make their vision become a reality. Followed by endless promotion starting from festivals and ending in DVD releases. just just right before the film comes out. This blog is the first of my Best of 2013 series. It is dedicated to my favorite Horror Film of 2013, Jessica Cameron’s “Truth or Dare”. Not only did Jessica, star in the film, she directed and  co – wrote it and even helped to produce it.

I first met and photographed Jessica in Arizona, at the premiere of Leigh Scott’s “Dorothy and the Witches of Oz” in 2012. It wasn’t till “Miss Misery’s Days of Terror” Horror Convention later that year that I saw a film of hers, Brandon Slagle’s, Award winning “The Black Dahlia Haunting”. The film was one of my nicest surprises of 2012. The film stared her “Truth or Dare” cast mate and fellow Scream Queen Devanny Pinn, and Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith. In the film Jessica, played Marilyn Monroe. She completely pulled off a very difficult role to play.

Though the “The Black Dahlia Haunting”, was my introduction into the Hollywood Independent Horror Film world, it wasn’t my first time watching horror films. I’m a child of the 80’s who grew up with such horror classic franchises as Friday The 13th, Halloween and “Nightmare On Elm Street”. There were also indy classics like “Silent Night Deadly Night” and “The Prowler”. But after getting addicted to Quentin Tarantino, and his style of writing dialogue.

When I first heard about the “Truth or Dare” film right before Jessica signed on to direct it. The screenplay was written by Jessica and producer Jonathan Higgins. The “Truth or Dare” team and their Truth or Daredevils, raised $11,725.00 with Indiegogo, including a donation from me after seeing her dedication from videos she was posting on social media sites. When it comes to promoting Jessica is a promotion machine. Besides being a Scream Queen she is also the # Queen, promoting projects she is involved with. When she’s not on the set Jessica, makes herself available to fans, by attending festivals, conventions and other fan interaction events. Any director or producer would befit from working with Jessica. Not only do you get a hard working actress who is not afraid to take chances, but she also understands the business and how to promote. It’s like having a free PR person. I almost think she could have been a Publicist or Agent in another life.

2013 RIP Horror Film Festival – “Truth or Dare” Screening

“Truth or Dare” successfully premiered, at the Underground Film Festival on Friday the 13th in Tucson, AZ. last September. I didn’t get to experience the film my self till it’s Southern California premiere, at the 2013 RIP Horror Film Festival at Cal State Long Beach. The evening started with a Red carpet hosted by L.j. Rivera. One of the cool things about this event was many of the filmmakers were friends and supported each others projects. There seemed to be lots of love and respect between the filmmakers and that made for some fun candid moments on the carpet. I got to meet several new people and even got a chance to photograph and meet the Twisted Twins Sylvia Soska and Jen Soska, who recently directed WWE Studios “See No Evil 2.”

I took pictures of all the guest and then got the cast of “Truth or Dare” together for some cast pictures. Everyone looked amazing. But my fashion winners of the evening were Jessica and Devanny Pinn. The girls were also wearing jewelry from Jessica’s Screamqueen Couture. Everyone was in high spirits as we entered the theater for the screening of the film.

“Truth or Dare” – Film Review

The filmmakers stated through publicity for the film that “Truth of Dare” was going to be “The Most Fucked Up Film You Have Ever Seen”! Director, co – writer and producer Jessica Cameron, even handed out paper vomit bags, just incase some audience members couldn’t take the gore of the film. The film wastes no time in jumping right to the story line. Six friends (two couples) achieve internet fame when they make fake “Truth or Dare” videos. When a crazed fanatic (their number one fan) is crushed that the video was not real the fan (played by Ryan Kiser) takes the cast members hostage. He then informs them that they will be playing Truth or Dare, for real, but using his rules which keep on changing. To be honest, my first thought was done before, but boy was I wrong. The films stars all gave great performances.

For me personally, to my surprise the thing that really lured me in was how smart and funny the script was. Yes, it is extremely gory at times and there is scene with wine bottle and Devanny Pinn, where you will change the way you ever look at a wine bottle again. Jessica, Devanny, Jesse Wilson, Brandon Van Vliet, Shelby Stehlin  and Heather Dorff all turn in great performances. Ryan Kiser performance in the film as their crazed psychotic number one fan was magnificent and believable. I was almost afraid to approach him after the film ended. The plot line has several twists and surprises for the viewer. Some of the truth’s that were exposed I never saw coming and will shock audiences. The filmmakers took so many risks shooting this film but it all pays out in the end. The film also makes an interesting statement, showing how an over obsessed fan might get caught up in the social media obsessed generation. The film is violent and not for people with a week stomach, but was shot tastefully. I’m glad I got to see the directors cut. I’ sure some of the shots may be toned down for a potential distribution company. “Truth or Dare” is the must see film of 2014 for the true horror fan. The film had a great response from the sold out crowd and won The Viewers Choice Award at the RIP Horror Festival to go along with a number of other awards the film has recently received on the film festival circuit. I knew that I wanted to see the film  again so I could experience it in another way. That chance would come at the films next screening.

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Another Hole in the Head Film Festival “Truth or Dare” Screening

I was overjoyed when I heard that “Truth or Dare’ was screening at the “Another Hole In The Head Film Festival in San Francisco, with an appearance from Jessica Cameron, on December 15. The theater was in the Japan Town section of the city, at the New People Cinema. When I got there I was a little confused. The theater turned out to be in the basement of the New People store. Upstairs were several stores and a bunch of parents and kids around at a Tea Time dessert Restaurant, that looked like it was “Alice In Wonderland”. I saw Jessica and we took some fun candids in the lobby before the screening. We even went browsing in a few stores also with the very cool photographer and Talk radio show host Oscar Benjamin. After some fun playtime I then headed into the theater and saw the film for the second time. I was even more impressed this time. I kept thinking that what a brave decision it was for Jessica, to choose this film as her directorial debut. Most women wouldn’t have the guts to make a film like hers. “Truth or Dare” combines great acting performances with amazing storytelling and interesting characters, something that can sometimes rare in the indy horror world. After the screening and Q & A, Jessica, stayed and signed autographs for fans.

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Truth or Dare’s next screening is at the Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood, CA on Friday, January 10th at 11:55 pm. The event will be held at Raleigh Studios, across from Paramount located at 5300 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 9003. and for all things Jessica Cameron, checkout her web site: also to find out how you order the film and can help the “Truth or Dare” team checkout their site here:

Thank you for joining me on another once again. You’ll be seeing a lot more blogs from me in 2014. My next one will be on a trip to LA. I’m also proud to announce I’ll working covering the 2014 Sundance Film Festival for Dig in Magazine and my blog. Till then don’t forget to support independent filmmakers and musicians in your town or city. For more celebrity photos, events and stories from the red carpet follow me on Twitter at or Facebook at


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