Help Save The Life of Bay Area Artist Julia Lazar-Franco

Greetings everyone! This is going to be the most important blog’s, I’ve ever written. It’s not about a Red Carpet or Concert, I recently covered or attended. The purpose of this blog is to help save a life, of an extraordinary women. Julia Lazar-Franco, has recently been diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C, end stage liver Cirrhosis, and liver cancer. She urgently is in need of a liver transplant. If you have blood type O, A or A+ you could help save her life. Here is more information on how you can get tested:

I’ve only known Julia for a short time, but in that time, I could easily see why so many people love her. She is one of those people, that always has a positive outlook. She is warm and friendly and has such an amazing spirit.

The first time I met Julia, was at a Book Signing for Betsy Franco’s “Naked”, which was illustrated by Tom Franco (Julia just married Tom last week). I had met Tom, at the Mill Valley Film Festival, back in the Fall of last year. I then ran into him again, at his brothers James Franco’s book signing in Palo Alto. I then found out Tom, was a artist and sculptor. I decided to cover their Book Passage book singing and conversation in Marin. Tom introduced me to Julia. At the time, I thought she was a manager or publicist, she took care of all the details and made sure the event ran smoothly, even running the slide show. You can tell she loves her work and loved working with the Franco’s, whom she already seemed like were her family. She is the type of person who could light up a room with her smile and charm. Her warm and friendly personality makes everyone feel at ease. Even this shy and quiet photographer/writer.

As some as you know, besides being a photographer, I’m also a writer and aspiring filmmaker. I also love supporting Independent film and music. I was interested to find out not only is Tom, an Artist and Sculptor. I also found out Tom and Julia, have a business together in Berkeley. The Firehouse Art Co is a nonprofit project, directed by Tom Franco and Julia , providing spaces for artists to co create currency, and a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration. I was invited by Julia, to one of there events, at the Galley last November. Since then, I had returned for two other events there. I found it inspiring to be around so many talented and creative people. I felt honored to be a guest in their community. The work at the gallery is always amazing. I love that the purpose of the gallery is to support the independent art community.

One of the coolest things to see from each of my visits to Berkeley, is to see how much Tom and Julia love and support each other. Julia has given so much to the creative world that it only seems right to help her in her toughest battle. She has inspired so many people and we must help her to inspire even more. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a dear friend and source of inspiration to many. To find out what you can do to get tested got to:

Update: Julia Lazar Franco died on August 25.

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