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Greetings everyone! Welcome back to ” The Outsiders Guide to the Inside of Hollywood”. If you are new to this blog it’s different than others you may have read. My blog’s are about my experiences I’ve encountered, with celebrities or the personal effect they had in my life. Some as you know I’m a professional photographer. Long before I ever picked up a camera I’ve been a Fanboy. One of my favorites actresses since I was young is Drew Barrymore. Today is Drew’s 41st Birthday. This blog shares some of my personal experiences I had trying to meet her. I will also explain how she was apart of what made me take up celebrity photography.

Why I love Drew

One of the things that I love about Drew, is like myself she always speaks her mind. She is not influenced by what others think. She isn’t afraid to try new things and take chances. One of those chances was a film she acted in and produced called “He’s Just Not That Into You”, in early 2009. I was driving in Hollywood near the Chinese Theatre. I saw the street was closed off and decided to park and see what was going on. It turned out to the premiere of the film. Across the street from the theatre, a large group of fans gathered. I asked a cop why they were here when you couldn’t see anything that was going on across the street at the Red Carpet. He told me they were hoping the celebrities were going to come across the street to sign autographs (before selfies).

This was the first time I was at a premiere in the fan section and since I’m not a collector, I didn’t have anything for them to sign. Instead I ended up taking photos with my point and shoot camera. I didn’t get photos of Drew, but I did of many of the stars. I didn’t know it at the time but that was the beginning of my celebrity photography chapter of my life.

A few months later I got my first photo a candid headshot of her coming out of the “Whip It Premiere. Two years later I was at the Grey Garden’s premiere and got a candid shot of her touching the fans hands. When she came by to my spot I got caught in the moment and did not get a close up.

AFIFEST 2009 and the Butter Machine Incident

Next on my attempt list the “Everybody’s Fine” premiere art of AFI Fest 2009. I had waited on the side of the street but none of the stars came in my area. We were told that Drew would not be attending. After 20 minutes of nothing going on I started to walk towards Hooters, to eat something. After waiting for a few hours and not getting any pictures I thought the evening was over. Someone asked if I’d like to see the movie. I was overjoyed and thanked them. As I started to walk into the theatre a car pulled up and out popped Drew who headed quickly to the carpet for some pictures. Completely star struck and in a gaze I went to the refreshment stand. Not thinking I’d get in and not having anything to eat I felt lightheaded. It was the night before the Yankees last World Series victory, so I was wearing my Yankee hat and jacket. A fellow New Yorker started talking to me. After a brief conversation, I ordered my popcorn and soda. Normally for premieres the food is free but since it was a festival it wasn’t. I walked over to the butter machine and found it to be leaking like a faucet. The other theatre butter machine was directly across from a ladies or single person bathroom. The machine barley had been refilled and was dripping. I started to pound on the machine for the butter to come out like I was Rocky Balboa , the door opens and who walks out and has a front row seat for this was of course Drew. She gave me a look and a quick smile. Feeling embraced I headed to try and find my seat. As I walk by I’m almost elbow-to-elbow with the film star and fellow New Yorker, Robert De Niro. As an usher starts to show me to my seat who is escorted in-front of me again but Drew. The movie was a very serious one but at that point all I could think about was that I was in a theater with Drew Barrymore only a few rows away and my only thought was let me get out of here before I embarrass myself again.

Drew’s Book Signing’s

Since then I’ve had the pleasure to briefly meet her on two occasions at a book signing’s, in LA and San Francisco. I though she was very down to earth and kind. she even signed my friends kid E.T. doll back in. At her conversation at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco in 2015, she spoke of many of her roles, that she played in the past.  You could clearly see that, her most cherished role is motherhood. Like many of us in, the 40 club. She already has reinvented herself several times. Drew talks about her life in her amazing book “Wildflower”.

It has been so interesting watching Drew, as her career evolves from a child and teenager taking on those issues. Now grown up taking on issues that affect all of us. She takes on those issues personally and professionally. She has become a major businesswoman. Showing once again, how she is like a chameleon. For more information, check out Drew’s Flower Beauty site.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

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